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Ames Medical Center

Our Mission

To offer quality;


  1. home visit health consultation
  2. online health consultation and
  3. office health consultation 


services across the country and beyond to persons with unique health need using our network of disciplined health professionals of different specialties.

Our Vision

To be the ultimate place of choice by persons with unique health needs in Ghana and beyond for seeking;


  1. Healthcare services and 
  2. health information and education; 

Ames Medical Center

What We Do

Our Services

Health Consultation

Health Consultation

Consult or speak to a health professional about your health problems from Ames Medical Center

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Health Consultation

Health Screening with Dietary Counseling

Health Screening with Dietary Counseling

Contact us for your well organized health screening with a health seminar or dietary counseling

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Health Screening with Dietary Counseling

Health Seminars

Health Seminars

Invite us if you are a collection of individuals who want to gain knowledge about pertinent

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Health Seminars

Sales of specialized diets and health kits

Sales of specialized diets and health kits

Visit our online diet store for all your food supplements, special formula diets and related health ...

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Sales of specialized diets and health kits

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Do you have diabetes, hypertension or stroke, high blood cholesterol or want to lose weight. Then...

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We are a team of medical professionals
ready to attend to your health problems

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Our Qualification

Our Core Values


Patients are the reason we exist so we keep them central and at the foundation of all our healthcare decision making and strategies.


We adhere to the code of ethics of our professional practice. We honor privacy of our patients and do our very best to help them with their health needs.


We are a team of health professionals of different specialties. We work in collaboration with one another including patients for quality care.

Quality Care

We are committed to giving our best possible with all our expertise and intuition that aims at patient satisfaction.

Commitment & Accountability

We are disciplined in thought and in action and work to exceed the expectations of our patients. We hold ourselves accountable and take responsibility for our actions.

Sustainability & Innovation

We welcome change, create and innovate for a sustained quality health service delivery to our service seekers.


Successful Stories

I have lost 18 Kg of my weight and counting Ames Medical Center

I have lost 18 Kg of my weight and counting

I was weighing 94 Kg and after spending so much on futile weight loss programs I finally met the right place. Having consulted Ames Medical Center, now I weigh 75.96 Kg with just my diet. No exercise or weight loss pills yet. Thank you Dietician Amenyah Seth.

Sophia Mensah, Journalist.

I have made an 11 Kg weight loss progress and counting Ames Medical Center

I have made an 11 Kg weight loss progress and counting

I used to weigh over 87 kg. After several episodes of weight cycling, I consulted Ames Medical Center for my weight loss treatment. Now I eat healthily and have lost 11 Kg of my body weight and counting. Thanks, Ames Medical Center!

Melody Kyei, Physician Assistant.

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